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    Which movie is Shirley Temple most famous for?

    Shirley Temple was a popular child actor during the Great Depression, appearing in films such as Bright Eyes. In the 1930s, she received a special Academy Award for her interpretation of the song ‘On a Good Ship Lollipop.’

    David Butler directed Bright Eyes, a 1934 American comedic drama movie. William Conselman’s script is based on a narrative by David Butler and Edwin J. Burke. Shirley Blake (Shirley Temple) is five years old, and she lives with her widowed mother, Mary (Lois Wilson), a maid, in the home of her employers, the wealthy and ruthless Smythe family, which includes Anita (Dorothy Christy), J. Wellington (Theodore von Eltz), their spoiled seven-year-old daughter, Joy (Jane Withers), and cantankerous wheelchair-bound Uncle Ned (Charles Sellon).

    Shirley takes a ride to the airport after Christmas morning to see her late father’s aviation colleagues. The aviators load her into a plane and taxi her around the runways while she sings On the Good Ship Lollipop to them.

    Recognizing the movie’s potential for advertising air travel, American Airlines, and Douglas Aircraft Company collaborated on its development and distribution. For the exterior shots, they furnished a DC-2 labeled ‘A-74,’ while for the interior scenes, they provided a true-to-scale mock-up. A 12-passenger Curtiss T-32 Condor II transport biplane, called ‘Condor 151,’ also appears in several sequences in early American Airlines livery.

    On February 27, 1935, Temple was awarded a small Oscar for her contributions to film entertainment in 1934, primarily for Little Miss Marker and Bright Eyes. She was the first child actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actress.

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