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    Which is the most viewed Web series on Netflix?

    Netflix debuted its streaming service 15 years ago in January of 2022. Even though tens of millions of Americans still lack access to broadband internet, everyone knows what Netflix & Chill means, who their favorite Stranger Things characters are, and is reportedly watching Squid Game.

    Since its worldwide premiere on September 17, the TV show that was expected to become the most popular Netflix show ever has allegedly reached 142 million homes, shattering records and making money while becoming a massive viral sensation. This isn’t surprising news, but the fact that this Squid Game frenzy has only lasted a month is incredible, especially considering the competition.

    The Witcher: 

    The Witcher

    There was a lot riding on this show, which was based on a novel series that also produced a popular computer game franchise. Aside from the aforementioned built-in fans, the series also stole Superman, with Henry Cavill serving as the series’ ‘Witcher.’

    Stranger Things 3: 

    Stranger Things

    Stranger Things 3’s inclusion on this list could be attributed to genuine anticipation. Stranger Things Season 2 premiered in October of 2017; there had been a long time between seasons, and with the series already being one of Netflix’s top-rated shows, it had to deliver.

    Money Heist : 

    Money Heist

    Money Heist is part of the IYKYK franchise. Money Heist is regarded as one of the best examples of proper word of mouth because of its ability to combine a complex plot with rich storytelling and peak dramatics. Many Americans, like those who watch overseas series like Squid Game, will watch anything if enough people are raving about it.



    Hollywood normally saves its most epic feature films for the holiday season, and with COVID-19 still keeping many people at home, it was only natural that Netflix would make this period drama available to the general public.

    Squid Game: 

    Squid Game

    Squid Game is now the only game in the series that has triggered this debate yet again, and for good reason. While these records usually encompass the first four weeks, none of these shows have exploded in popularity like Squid Game.

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