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    Which country has the largest film industry?

    India has the world’s largest film industry and the world’s second-oldest film industry. Mumbai, one of the most prominent cities in the world movie industry, is located in the country (previously called Bombay). In 2009, India produced 2,961 films on celluloid, with 1,288 of them being feature films. Apart from being the world’s largest film producer, India also has the highest number of admissions.

    The Indian cinema business is multilingual and the world’s largest in terms of ticket sales, but only the third-largest in terms of revenue, owing to some of the world’s lowest ticket costs. The industry is primarily observed by a big Indian film-going public, and Indian films have been gaining in popularity around the world, particularly in nations with substantial populations of migrant Indians.

    Indian film industry

    The Indian film industry is also the most efficient producer of films and entertainment in its South Asian neighbors. Hindi cinema is India’s largest and most popular movie industry, followed by Telugu and Tamil cinema. Bollywood, a combination of Bombay and Hollywood, is the name given to the Hindi film business, which is based mostly in Mumbai (Bombay). Indian films have gained appeal not only in India but also abroad, with Dangal grossing $260 million in foreign markets.

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