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    Which are the top 5 movies based on true stories?

    True events and human stories of sorrow, courage, and achievement have inspired some of Hollywood’s best movies, from Into the Wild to The Imitation Game. Check out this list of true-life movies that immortalize real-life situations, memories, and people. Here is the list of the top 5 movies based on true stories.

    Escape From Alcatraz (1979): 

    Escape From Alcatraz

    Alcatraz was the most secure jail of its time, located on an island in San Francisco Bay. It was thought to be impossible to escape until Clint Eastwood, Fred Ward, and Jack Thibeau (playing themselves) made a successful attempt in 1962.

    Apocalypse (1979): 


    Apocalypse Now is partially based on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1899), which was inspired by true events in the author’s life. Captain Willard, played by Martin Sheen, is dispatched on a risky mission into Cambodia to shoot a renegade colonel (Marlon Brando) who has set himself up as a deity among a local tribe and is thought insane in this remake of the story set during the Vietnam War.

    The Imitation Game (2014): 

    The Imitation Game

    This gripping movie, starring Benedict Cumberbatch (AKA Sherlock) in the title character, follows the story of computer scientist Alan Turing, who attempts to crack the Enigma code used by the Nazis to secure their radio messages during WWII.

    Into The Wild (2007): 

    Into The Wild

    Into the Wild, a true narrative of one man’s spiritual journey through the natural world highlights the numerous tensions and challenges that plague those who are uncomfortable with a worldly lifestyle. It stems from a desire to be free and independent, to break free from social standards, and to find transcendence in nature.

    Lawrence of Arabia (1962): 

    Lawrence of Arabia

    The adventures of Welsh diplomat and military commander Thomas Edward Lawrence in the Arabian Peninsula during WWI are depicted in this true-story film. It chronicles the officer’s inner battles with war’s inherent cruelty, his own identity, and his conflicted allegiance between his native Britain and his Arabian Desert tribemates. This is a truly epic masterpiece.

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