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    What point thickness is a marvel shadow box card?

    Shadow boxes are a fantastic way to exhibit your treasured artifacts while also serving as a discussion piece in your house. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, such as regular, big, extra-large, and customized. You can also select a frame finish color from the list below.

    The front of the shadow box frame is made of acrylic glass, which allows you to see through it to see what’s inside. Two adjustable shelves in the back allow you to conveniently store extra photos, keepsakes, and other items.

    While there is no set size for shadow boxes (there is a lot of room for variation in proportions), we can divide them into four categories: tiny, ordinary, large, and extra-large.

    marvel shadow box card

    Little Size Shadow Boxes are typically used to display a single small item (such as a coin, medal, etc.) and can be as small as 1010″ or less in size. They are the least expensive to purchase.

    The most frequent style of shadow box sold now is the regular size shadow box. The dimensions of a standard shadow box are 36′′ x 24′′. If you’d prefer to keep your memories close at hand, go for a smaller version.

    A conventional shadow box is simply a frame on a thicker board with all sides coated in glass. A piece of art is mounted inside the front side, and as light shines through the glass, it throws shadows on the backside of the artwork. This gives your collection a three-dimensional appearance, making it more appealing than if it were flat against a wall.

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