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    What is the story of the film Yaraana (1995)?

    Yaraana is a 1995 Hindi romantic thriller movie directed by David Dhawan and starring Rishi Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Raj Babbar, Kader Khan, and Shakti Kapoor. It is roughly based on the American film Sleeping with the Enemy, starring Julia Roberts. The movie is recognized for the hit song ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya’.

    JB (Raj Babbar) notices Lalita (Madhuri Dixit) and falls in love with her right away. He determines that he must have her. Her uncle Madhi (Tej Sapru) arranges for them to marry, but only because JB has paid him to do so. When she declines, JB abducts her and imprisons her in his home until the wedding day.

    JB keeps a close eye on her every day in case she tries to flee. Lalita passes out on the wedding day and uses this as an excuse to flee. She also transfers her mother away from JB, who believes she was dead after witnessing her being hit by a car. Lalita had really switched her wedding gown with someone else, therefore the lady JB saw getting hit by the automobile was not Lalita.

    Lalita flees the city and meets Raj (Rishi Kapoor), whom she initially uses as a cover but with whom she eventually falls in love. Instead, she goes by the name Shikha. Raj’s grandpa, Rai Saheb (Kader Khan), is overjoyed that his grandson wishes to marry Shikha and plans a wedding for them.
    Unfortunately, JB discovers that Lalita is still alive thanks to her mother and tracks her very immediately. With the help of her cunning uncle, JB reveals who Lalita really is to Raj and his grandfather. Lalita is kidnapped and forced to be a good wife, which means she has to stay with JB for the rest of her life. Lalita decides to take matters into her own hands after hiding and becoming frustrated.

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