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    What is the story of the film Bezubaan?

    Bezubaan is a Bollywood film directed by Bapu and produced by Pranlal Mehta that was released in 1982. Shashi Kapoor, Reena Roy, Raj Kiran, and Naseeruddin Shah feature in the film. This is the remake of the Tamil movie named Mayangukiral Oru Madhu. Dialogues of this film written by Ved Rahi.

    This is the tale of Kalpana (Reena Roy), a girl who lives in a women’s hostel. She quickly goes in the wrong direction. When she meets Raman, she immediately falls in love with him. She becomes pregnant and tries, but fails, to commit suicide.

    Revati (Reeta Bhaduri), her roommate, assists her in overcoming her frustration. Kalpana marries Kumar (Shashi Kapoor) after a few days, while Revati marries Shivnath (Naseeruddin Shah). Shivnath is a struggling photographer, while Kumar is a wealthy industrialist.


    Shivnath begins blackmailing Kalpana soon after learning that he has images of Kalpana and Raman. Kalpana is injured in an accident, and Raman, a cab driver, comes to her aid. Shivnath feels bad about his actions once Kalpana eventually tells Kumar everything.

    The music of the film was composed by Raamiaxman and the cinematography was done by Baba Azmi. And the film was released in 1982 in the Hindi Language.

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