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    What is called when actors work on stage directions?

    The actor facing the audience is used to write the stage directions. When an actor turns to the right or left, they go to the right or left side of the stage, respectively.

    The portion of the stage nearest to the audience is at the front, often known as downstage. Behind the actor’s back and farthest from the audience is the back of the stage, sometimes referred to as upstage. These expressions derive from the design of medieval and early modern stages, which were elevated and erected away from the audience to enhance spectator vision. The higher portion of the stage was referred to as “upstage,” and the lower portion as “downstage.”

    There are three areas: upstage, centre stage, and downstage, which run from the back of the stage to the audience. Depending on their stage directions, these are each separated into three or five portions. There will be a centre, left, and right in each of the three parts. Only the exact centre of the stage is referred to as centre stage while in the centre stage zone; right or left may simply be referred to as stage right or stage left.

    There will be a “left-center” and “right-center” in each part of the stage if it is divided into 15 sections as opposed to 9. This will result in five alternative places in each of the three zones.

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