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    What is a good 90’s drama movie on Amazon Prime to watch?

    The best 1990s films available to view right now on Amazon Prime are those with the greatest Rotten Tomatoes scores.

    While the majority of casual viewers would normally believe that Netflix has the largest selection of streaming movies, Amazon Prime really has a considerably larger collection. That contains a lot of oldies from the past for those subscribers who are feeling a touch nostalgic as well as their own current unique releases.

    The 1990s were a transformative decade for film, with a plethora of releases that astounded audiences and altered how movies were seen. There are still some greats on Amazon Prime even though not all of them are. These have the greatest ratings on Rotten Tomatoes out of the enormous catalog.

    There’s Something About Mary

    In the 1990s, The Farrelly Brothers were among the most well-known and productive comedic filmmakers. They did direct Dumb and Dumber and Kingpin, two comedies that have both gone on to become classics, after all. In 1998, they released their third album.

    That movie, There’s Something About Mary, contributed to Cameron Diaz’s continued ascent to celebrity. The main character of the movie is a man (Ben Stiller) who, following a disastrous date in high school, gets a second chance with his ideal lady (Diaz). It generated $369 million in revenue and received a Golden Globe nomination.


    Orlando may come in last on this list in terms of reputation and popularity, but everyone who has been will attest to how fantastic it actually is. Based on Virginia Wolfe’s 1928 book Orlando: A Biography, this 1992 film first appeared in cinemas.

    This intriguing story revolves around an androgynous aristocrat who receives a rich inheritance from Queen Elizabeth I under the peculiar proviso that he never ages or withers. Positive reviews were given to it, and Tilda Swinton’s portrayal of Orlando received accolades.

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