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    What happened with Lisa’s manager?

    Lisa, a member of Blackpink, made news on June 2, 2021, when Market News reported that her previous manager had defrauded her of 1 billion won (S$1.15 million). According to sources, the Thai-born, Korean-based actress entrusted her money to her manager, who assured her he would be investing in real estate. He, on the other hand, used it all to support his gambling habit.

    Lisa of Blackpink was defrauded of $1.1 million by her former manager, who spent it all on gambling. ‘Lisa wants to resolve the situation amicably because her former boss was someone she trusted. has reimbursed her for a portion of the money and departed the company after reaching an agreement on a reimbursement plan for the remainder.’


    After that, YG apologized for the event, calling it ’embarrassing.’ They also stated that they would take steps to ensure that such instances do not occur again within the organization.

    This was especially concerning given the manager’s colleagues and all four members of Blackpink had described him as “well-respected” and “trusted.” Lisa, who is Thai, is especially prone to such scenarios, according to a source close to the company, because she has lived in Korea and away from her family since she was a child.

    However, not everyone shared these sentiments. ‘ “If you think it’s so unfair, try being a celebrity yourself.’ ‘ If you make up to the top, you can determine for yourself if it’s fair,’ one netizen said.

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