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    What did Priyanka Chopra say to Oprah in an interview?

    Priyanka Chopra‘s faith was put to the test after her father died. “I was extremely angry,” she told Oprah in response to a question. My connection with God had shifted slightly. But, at the same time, I believe God has aided me in my search for salvation and recovery.”

    Priyanka’s Super Soul interview with legendary talk show presenter Oprah Winfrey has gotten a lot of attention. Chopra’s recently released memoir, Unfinished: A Memoir, is the main topic of discussion. However, Chopra’s memoir, in which she chronicles her extraordinary life, includes details of her childhood, job, family, relationships, and marriage. As a result, the dialogue is relatively unrestrained.

    Priyanka Chopra - Oprah Winfrey

    PeeCee stated during the interview that as an Indian, she was exposed to practically every major faith and religious practice as she grew up and that she believes in a higher force. “It’s hard not to in India, you’re right,” she added during the interview. With the plethora of religions represented in the country. I attended a convent school as a child. As a result, I was familiar with Christianity. My father used to perform in a mosque. Islam was something I was aware of. I was raised in a Hindu household. That was something I was aware of. India’s spirituality is so pervasive that it’s impossible to ignore.”

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