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    ‘Two red flowers used to come together,’ says Kajol of the way desire has been portrayed throughout Indian cinematic history

    In a recent interview, the passion Stories 2 actress Kajol discussed her opinions on female pleasure and how she thinks passion has changed through time in Indian film.

    The debut of Bollywood actress Kajol’s movie Lust Stories 2, which will air on Netflix tomorrow, is approaching. She plays the lead role in the anthology film’s part from filmmaker Amit Sharma, which includes 4 short films that examine sex, desire, and love.

    Kajol, whose career has spanned more than three decades, recently discussed how the image of passion in Indian cinema has changed over time. She also discussed her opinions on the necessity for normalisation of female pleasure.

    Kajol was questioned about how passion has changed through time in an interview with Filmfare, from the enduring Bollywood romances to passion Stories 2. In the past, lust was shown on TV by two flowers briefly coming together, according to Kajol. “Two red roses used to come together and that was it. Next, she’s pregnant hahaha. So I think we’ve evolved just a step forward and decided to make something like Lust Stories 2,” said Kajol. She further added that cinema reflects society, and that the movies are speaking in the language that love is defined by today. Kajol said that today, there is no belief in eternal love stories, and that nobody wants to die for anyone. “If not you, there will be someone else. People believe in multiple soulmates these days. And therefore, all the love stories we’ve made so far have been very differently made,” she said.

    Speaking of female pleasure, Kajol remarked that once upon a time, our culture was quite open about it and that it was covered in both our educational system and our old writings. We later separated ourselves from it, though. She continued by saying that it is a necessary component of daily life that must be normalised in the same way as eating and drinking are. Female pleasure should be brought up in discussion, according to Kajol, rather than being avoided. “Trying not to talk about it gives it all the more attention and focus,” she added.

    Four short films from Lust Stories 2 were directed by R Balki, Konkona Sensharma, Amit Ravindernath Sharma, and Sujoy Ghosh.

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