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    ‘There is no imagery or footage of the night, everything had to be re-created!’ : Shiv Rawail on the herculean task of reimagining the night of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy

    Homegrown at Yash Raj Films and mentored by none other than Aditya Chopra, debutant director Shiv Rawail, has delivered a global hit series, The Railway Men, for YRF.

    Netflix & YRF Entertainment’s tentpole series, The Railway Men, a thrilling tale of heroism, hope & humanity is a huge hit nationally & internationally. The 4-part mini-series that premiered on November 18, is a runaway success story riding on unanimously positive reviews from media & audience across the world! In fact, The Railway Men has topped global charts for around three months now!

    Director Shiv Rawail, a director that YRF a has launched with the series, reveals how there is no imagery or footage from the night when the deadly gas leaked in Bhopal and killed scores. He says everything depicted in the series had to be re-created and re-imagined to show people how horrific the tragedy was for people residing in Bhopal.

    Shiv says, “When we were doing the research we realised there is no imagery or footage of the night. So, everything had to be recreated by us. We have to make it believable for you. So, the world has to look like it belonged to that night. First, we wrote the film script, which was like 130-140 pages. Then we were like what if we have to make into a feature film, we would have to remove a lot of elements!”

    He adds, “That is when Adi Sir (Aditya Chopra), Ayush Gupta ( Writer ) and myself found ourselves losing things we really loved. That is when Adi sir suggested why don’t we do this as a show. And there it was, YRF was looking to step into streaming!”

    Watch Shiv Rawail discuss in detail how YRF and he created the world of The Railway Men, a series that is still garnering acclaim worldwide, in a new video that has been dropped by YRF today :

    The Railway Men is a thrilling tale of heroism, hope & humanity! It is the first from the partnership between Netflix & YRF Entertainment. It is a story of extraordinary heroism demonstrated by the employees of the Indian Railways in Bhopal on the fateful night of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy!

    These self-sacrificing individuals rose against all odds and put their lives at risk to save fellow citizens while battling an invisible enemy in the air.

    Inspired by true stories, this gripping series features a stellar ensemble cast, including R Madhavan, Kay Kay Menon, Divyenndu, Babil Khan, Juhi Chawla, and Mandira Bedi, among others.

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