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    Sumati Singh on the off-screen bond of the Kismat Ki Lakiro Se cast playing a part in reaching 400 episodes; says, “This off-screen bond translates seamlessly on camera, requiring minimal effort, and the audience’s love is a testament to our genuine connection.”

    Actress Sumati Singh has been receiving love for her portrayal of Kirti in Shemaroo’s ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’ right from the start. The show celebrates a special milestone this week as they complete 400 episodes! Sumati opens up on her journey on the show and also shares her excitement on achieving the 400 episode mark!

    Sharing how she feels to be part of a much loved show, she says, “I’m truly grateful to the show’s audience and producers. When we began, hitting 400 episodes seemed improbable. The love and belief from our audience show we’re on the right track. Today, reaching this milestone feels like an affirmation of our efforts.”

    Sumati also talks about the responsibility that comes with playing the lead, “Being the lead in a show is a unique journey. I’ve worked behind the camera and played various characters, like a sister in different roles. As the lead, there’s a different responsibility, as the audience mostly connects with the main character. The back-to-back scenes, the fatigue, and the drama in TV serials make it challenging, but I enjoy the variety. Acting is a passion, and despite the exhaustion, the satisfaction of doing something you love is rewarding. Time flies, and the gratification of a productive day makes it worthwhile. Taking some time for myself and watching TV is a well-deserved moment at the end of the day.”

    Ask her what she thinks makes ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’ so loved, and Sumati says the off-screen bond between the team plays a big part, “The camaraderie on the set is incredible, transcending co-star relationships to genuine friendships. Spending 12-14 hours together, we’ve become privy to each other’s secrets and vulnerabilities. This off-screen bond translates seamlessly on camera, requiring minimal effort, and the audience’s love is a testament to our genuine connection.”

    The actress shares whether she and her character Kirti are similar in any way, “While Kirti’s character is playful and enjoys life, I, as the eldest sister, adopt a more responsible and focused approach. I understand how to handle situations, and unlike Kirti, I’m not one to shy away from sacrifices when needed.”

    As they celebrate achieving 400 episodes, Sumati has a special message for all the fans and viewers of Kismat Ki Lakiro Se, “I want to express my gratitude to all the fans. Being in my first lead role was daunting, with expectations to fulfil. The love from the audience, helping us reach 400 episodes, is beyond fulfilling. Looking back, I’ll always remember starting a new show on a new channel, unknown at the beginning. Taking that risk, we’ve elevated the show, and the overwhelming love from people, reflected in numerous DMs, is something I’m truly thankful for.”

    It is certainly a proud moment for Sumati and her entire ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’ team, here wishing them many more milestones to come!

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