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    Shraddha Kapoor got a sweet surprise from the paparazzis! They brought chocolate cake and vada pav on her birthday

    Shraddha Kapoor is undoubtedly the most popular and loved actress, currently. The talented actress of the nation celebrated her birthday, yesterday, and on the auspicious day, Shraddha received love and wishes from the fans and the audiences in large numbers on social media.

    The birthday occasion of Shraddha Kapoor is no less than any festival for the fans. Every day, they celebrate her birthday in a splendor way and her recent birthday was no different. It is well known that Shraddha Kapoor is the favorite celebrity of the paparazzi and they surprised the actress by making her feel special on the important day. The photographers brought Shraddha’s favourite chocolate cake and favorite snack items like Vada Pav with Jalebi to mark the special occasion.

    Shraddha Kapoor, who always acknowledges the gesture made by fans and the audiences towards her, does it again. She acknowledged the gesture of the paparazzi by thanking them.

    The video of the birthday celebration surfaced on social media where the birthday girl can be seen thanking the paparazzi, saying, “Guys thank you so much. Thank you. Aap sabko hamesha pata hota hai na mera favourite kya hai. (You always know what my favorite is). The photographers responded, “Yes, Vada Pav,” while Shraddha replied, Thank you so much. Next year na jalebiwala cake. (Next year, bring jalebi cake). The photographers, thrilled by this request, said, “Yes, yes definitely.” Following the interaction, the actress cut the cake and later shared, “Thank you so much, aap sab mujhe bohot saara pyar dete ho hamesha, bohot support karte ho, bohot zyada overwhelm hoti hun aap sab ke pyar se, thank you very very much. (Thank you so much, all of you shower so much love, always support me, I feel overwhelmed with all your love, thank you very very much).

    Besides celebrating the birthday with the photographers, Shraddha also celebrated the special day with 30 of her most loyal fans, who accompanied her by coming from various parts of India. In the return gesture, Shraddha not only spent quality time with them, she even went a step further and enjoyed a delicious meal together.

    While this is one of the examples we have seen which shows Shraddha’s gesture towards her fans. With a sprawling following of 87.9 Million across Instagram, the actress is also the most-loved Indian actor out there!

    Meanwhile, on the work front, Shraddha Kapoor will be next seen in the sequel of much awaited Stree 2

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