Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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    Salman Khan responds to a journalist who questioned Sunny Leone in an “illogical way”

    A video of Salman Khan disregarding a useless inquiry has been going popular on social media. The actor was frequently irritated by journalists for asking them pointless questions.

    It’s no secret that Salman Khan is highly skilled at providing spontaneous responses and scathing clap backs. He frequently appears in the news due to his snarky remarks. The actor has been irritated by journalists on several occasions because they have asked pointless questions, and a video showing the actor disregarding one of these queries has frequently made headlines.

    Salman Khan deftly sidestepped a question about Sunny Leone in one of the viral videos, much to everyone’s amusement.

    When Salman showed Sunny how to drape a saree while hosting the Star Guild Awards ceremony in 2014, everything started to come together. On stage, the two of them exchanged several humorous moments. Salman was later made aware of the incident when he was asked about it at a bike launch ceremony. He chose to sidestep the subject by responding to the journalist in a mocking manner, though.

    The media person asked the actor, “Salman aapki bike ka color blue hai, isey mujhe Sunny Leone ki saree ka color yaad aa gya.” She went on to ask, “Bike bhi s*xy, Sunny bhi s*xy toh kya ek ride par le jayenge?” 

    To which the actor said, “Parineeti kaha s*xy hai woh toh sweet hai.” He ignored the question like a pro.

    The beingsalmankhan 25 Instagram page published the popular video, and online users immediately responded with humorous remarks. Many of them criticised the journalist for posing an absurd question.

    One of the users wrote, “Parineeti be like, maine kya bigada hai.” Another wrote, “Bhai ke kaan bas unta hi sunte hai, jitni jaroorat hoti hai.” A third user asked, “Reporter ab yahi karne ke liye reh gye hai.” 

    A fourth user said, “Aise reporter kaha se aate hai.” While another asked, “That’s how he avoids stupid questions badia banda hai yaar.” One user also wrote, “Salman in his mind, ab tu foothpath par mil.”

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