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    Rajkumar Hirani – A maverick filmmaker delivering some out-of-the-box and unique stories with his films!

    The Indian film industry has seen many filmmakers who have always created an impact with their films. Among many, one such filmmaker is Rajkumar Hirani who has a cinema landscape of his own. Call it his sheer understanding of audience taste and preferences or his creative instinct, for many reasons the filmmaker has cemented his place as the most loved director of Indian cinema. Well, this title is indeed justified well with the kind of films he has delivered that are not only high on entertainment quotient but also give us something out of the box and unique to pick from.

    Taking the examples of his films, everyone knows what impact 3 Idiots has left on the generation. No one has ever challenged the education system so subtly but so on the point. The director not only gave some remarkable characters to the audience but also came up with a story that will be remembered and applicable for the ages.

    After 3 Idiots, it was PK, The directors endeavor to serve a greater purpose. Who would have ever thought, the subject of questioning God could be presented in such a way? That’s the beauty of Rajkumar Hirani’s cinema. You won’t even get to know when you are in his box of imagination. PK was out of the box idea, that probably not most filmmakers would like to step into but Rajkumar Hirani crafted it in such a way that it did not even cause any offense to the audience, despite being a very sensitive topic.

    While we as an audience were engulfed with the thought that Rajkumar Hirani could only make a certain kind of cinema, he came up with ‘Sanju’. Presenting and transforming the entire life of superstar Sanjay Dutt was the task, the director did brilliantly with the film. After Sanju, the director came up with ‘Dunki’, the film that has a story that exists around but has never been told on the big screens. The story of the illegal immigrant taking the Donkey Route to cross the border. That’s the story of millions of people, who found themself in this film. The film found its acceptance across the borders.

    If we look at every single film of Rajkumar Hirani, they all stand out from each other. This is the reason he has a 100% record of delivering super-hit films. Every time he has a new subject to explore or call it a unique Idea to share with the audience. This is probably the reason he is the most loved director.

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