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    My biggest role model has been my mom,” says Akansha Ranjan Kapoor

    Today, the world celebrates International Women’s Day to honor women for their various contributions in the social, economic, cultural, and political sectors. Women in entertainment have been resilient and inspiring figures for many, and one such prominent figure in the industry is Akansha Ranjan Kapoor. Akansha, the daughter of Anu Ranjan, founder of the foundation Beti Association–Charity for Women and the owner of the Indian Television Academy in 2001.

    Akansha made her debut in the women-centric film “Guilty,” which was well-received by audiences and garnered praise from critics. Her performance in “Guilty” inspired many girls. Having grown up surrounded by influential women, including her sister, actress Anushka Ranjan, Akansha credits her mother as her biggest role model.

    Expressing her perspective on feminism, Akansha revealed, “I have been a feminist long before the word was correctly defined or introduced to me. I have had incredible role models in my life, and the biggest has been my mom. My mom raised my sister and me to be independent, strong, and opinionated. She instilled in us the belief that if we have a point, we should speak up and express it. My mom has been independent her whole life and taught us fundamental principles like self-care.”

    She further emphasized the value of female friendships and the women in her family, stating, “The women in my life hold immense importance to me. I’ve had a group of 8 girlfriends since childhood, and our bond remains strong to this day. Women’s friendships have been crucial in my life, surpassing the significance of any other relationship, including family. I cherish the closeness I share with my mom, sister, aunts, and grandmothers. I’ve always admired strong women who have overcome numerous challenges, and my family is full of such individuals. Each woman in my family has had unique and difficult experiences, which I’ve witnessed growing up. They’ve taught me to speak my mind, be honest, and never shy away from expressing my opinions in any setting, whether it’s at work or school.”

    Finally, she concluded, “For me, every day is Women’s Day, and I proudly consider myself a feminist. I encourage girls to speak up without fear or shame, whether it’s about their appearance or how much they have to say. I am a staunch, open, vocal, and unapologetic feminist.”

    On the work front, Akansha Ranjan Kapoor is all set to make her debut in the South with C.V. Kumar’s “MaayaOne” opposite Sundeep Kishan.

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