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    Munawar’s shares Memories of ‘3 Idiots’ Script Reading

    Musician Munawar, currently basking in the success of his debut album ‘Madari,’ recently revealed an unusual anecdote about the beloved film ‘3 Idiots.’

    Munawar, a complete movie buff, has had a journey in the industry like no other. Before making a name for himself in the world of comedy, he worked various odd jobs to make a living.

    Not many know about the connection between the film ‘3 Idiots’ and Munawar. Even before the film’s release, Munawar was among the first few people who read its script. Munawar recalls working at a Print Publication company where he was relatively new. The company had acquired the script of “3 Idiots” and needed a digital version of it. Munawar, being a newly joined employee, was assigned the task of getting it done. Little did he know that this seemingly simple task would lead to a remarkable story.

    In a recent interview, Munawar revealed, “Back in the day, I used to work at a Print Publicity company. I had just joined there, and one day my boss handed a file to my senior and asked her to type it out for him. My senior asked me to read it out for her so she could type it out. This was around 20 days before the release.

    “That was the first time I had ever seen a script in my life. So, I dictated, and my colleague was typing it. While I was reading, I mistakenly thought Aamir Khan was playing Raju and Sharman Joshi was playing Rancho’s character,” he laughs.

    “But honestly, I had never read such a script before. While reading it, I felt like I was in the scene. At that time, I had zero knowledge of screenplay or any technical details, but just by reading the script, I was thoroughly impressed. To this day, I have never come across such a brilliant script.”

    Munawar’s conversations reveal much about his journey and life, and each time it’s something new. These stories are not just precious memories for him but also give readers insight into the real Munawar.

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