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    ’Most actors have become platform agnostic post-pandemic!’ : Bhumi Pednekar on why top actresses of the country are choosing to make their debut on streaming

    Young Bollywood star Bhumi Pednekar is thrilled that her colleagues are choosing scripts and stories over which platform such projects would release. Post pandemic, leading Bollywood ladies like Deepika Padukone in Gehraiyaan, Alia Bhatt in Darlings, Kareena Kapoor in Jaane Jaan, amongst many others have chosen to do clutter-breaking work on streaming and have tasted massive success. Bhumi too made her streaming debut with the hugely acclaimed thriller titled Bhakshak that has become a global hit!

    Speaking about why leading heroines of her time is making these content-forward moves, Bhumi says, “I can speak for myself. As an actor, I would love to be a part of the best projects – theatricals or streaming. I think most actors have become platform agnostic post-pandemic which is why, in the last couple of years, you have seen leading theatrical actors choosing to work in streaming projects and get love from across the world.”

    She adds, “Streaming has helped actors unlock new set of audiences from various parts of the world. The fact that Bhakshak is part of the global list of hit films, proves that people are consuming the best content from across the world. Language is no longer a barrier. People want to experience stories that touch their hearts. Streaming has enabled us to create a new fan base.”

    Bhumi further says, “For Bhakshak, I have received messages on social media from so many countries that I was shocked to see the impact my work has had. It is something that never happened to me before. So, as an actor, I feel extremely validated that my work is entertaining people globally. I’m sure the others also wanted to experience that which is why so many of us have helmed projects on streaming which became breakout hits!”

    Recently, Bhakshak created a massive milestone to make India proud on the global content landscape. It is amongst the Top 5 Non-English films globally!

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