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    MC Stan hints on his new album, to collaborate with International Biggies for his Upcoming project

    Bigg Boss 16 came up as one of the most talked-about seasons. Because of its constant delivery of entertainment to the viewers, the show was also high on the TRP charts now and then, and this was all achieved by the show because of one distinctive contestant, MC Stan.

    But his achievements don’t end there. A record-breaking 541k people watched MC Stan’s Instagram live after he won Bigg Boss earlier this year. MC Stan has been breaking records ever since he was crowned Bigg Boss 16’s victor. The rapper’s fame on social media has eclipsed that of Shah Rukh Khan, Virat Kohli and many more Bollywood celebrities. On the other hand, his rap songs are getting high viewership and love.

    The rapper made his stage debut at the 2023 Bacardi NH7 Weekender, which was held in Pune, the rapper’s hometown, this year as well. Although there was a lot of excitement before the festival’s debut, reviews of the performance were not unanimous. However, the grandiose show and hometown backing gave supporters a fulfilling sense of inclusion throughout the entire festival. A recent Instagram story on MC Stan’s page featured a picture of the rapper wearing a “Gallery Dept.” with the words “Never Get Mad Get Money,” seemingly hinting at an impending album.

    The 11-track 2022 album Insaan, which was billed as a very MC-Stan-driven vehicle, was Stan’s most recent full-length production. Despite including two duets, with rappers IKKA and Raftaar, Stan continued to seem like the leader of the ship. With this album, the young lyricist offered a rare window into his priorities and state of mind, demonstrating to his listeners once more his ability to write hits. One could argue that “Basti Ka Hasti” has evolved into MC Stan’s own theme tune.

    There will likely be further collaborations with major players in the industry on this next record. Not surprisingly, given the rapper’s active 2023 profile-building, a lot of Indian hip-hop artists are attempting to capitalize on Stan’s distinct, dialect-heavy, trap-heavy style. According to this Instagram story, “Never Get Mad Get Money” will see the rapper further embrace his superstar character, with elements of his notoriety and success possibly serving as major plot points for the album as a whole.

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