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    Luck Luck Ki Baat is a remake of which Hollywood movie?

    Luck Luck Ki Baat is a Disney Channel India television film that premiered in India. It’s a remake of The Luck of the Irish, a Disney Channel original film.

    The story of the film Luck Luck Ki Baat revolves around Amit, a 16-year-old class hero and incredibly lucky student who attributes all of his good fortunes to a rare gold coin. In an attempt to learn more about his ancestors, he attends a local fair-themed after Arabian Nights, where he meets a series of mystical and terrifying people amid colorful stalls, Arabian dancers, and magical illusions. As he enters the unfamiliar yet familiar world of magic, genies, and more the next day, his luck begins to run out.

    Luck Luck Ki Baat

    The Luck of the Irish is a Disney Channel original film from 2001. Lagoon near Farmington, Utah was used for some of the filmings.

    Kyle Johnson (Ryan Merriman), a 15-year-old basketball player, is relying on a gold charm for luck after discovering that he is a leprechaun on his mother’s side (Marita Geraghty). He needs it back to break a spell cast by Seamus McTiernan (Timothy Omundson), an evil leprechaun who took the coin.

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