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Jigar is a copy of which Hollywood movie?

by Palak Goyal
Jigar and Kickboxer

Jigar is a Hindi-language martial arts film directed by Farogh Siddique that was released in 1992. It was released during the Diwali weekend and was a huge success. Kickboxer, a 1989 American film, served as inspiration for the plot.

Raju and Duryodhan have a great friendship. Suman is Raju’s love interest and Duryodhan’s half-sister. Duryodhan is a wrestler who works at Lal Bihari’s martial arts training school. Duryodhan raped Raju’s sister due to a misunderstanding between Raju, Duryodhan, and Raju’s sister. This enrages Raju, but because Duryodhan is a wrestler, he is unable to avenge his sister. Raju begins his combat training with Baba Thakur. He avenges all of his adversaries after completing his training. Suman kills Duryodhan in the ring, and Lal Bihari is murdered by Duryodhan.


Kickboxer is a martial arts film directed by David Worth and starring Jean-Claude van Damme that was released in 1989. Dennis Alexio, a former world kickboxing champion, is also featured. It produced a slew of spin-offs.

In the United States, Kickboxer grossed $14,697,005. It was intentionally released during the normally sluggish weekend after Labor Day, when there were no studio releases, limiting competition; it premiered on 973 screens and made $4.1 million, making it the country’s third most popular film. Its gross was predicted to be $50 million a few years later. Kickboxer was rebooted as Kickboxer: Vengeance on September 2, 2016, and was launched as a reboot of the franchise.

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