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    Jackie Shroff’s Humble Gesture at Ram Mandir Inauguration Steals Hearts as He Attends the ceremony barefoot

    In a heartwarming display of humility, seasoned actor Jackie Shroff has set the standard high with his barefoot presence at the grand inaugural ceremony of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. The epitome of simplicity and respect, Jackie Shroff’s actions left a lasting impression.

    Actor Vivek Oberoi treated fans to a lovely video capturing the moment when Jackie Shroff, dressed in a pristine white kurta, participated in the Pran Prathista ceremony, barefoot at Ayodhya.

    Vivek shared a video on his Instagram story with the caption, “With my favourite – Jaggu Dada, Giving us a glimpse of Jackie sir’s feet with no footwear he went on to say, “Jai Siya Raam..Ram ki Bhoomi mai aarhe hai tho Jooto ki jarurat hi nahi hai” (If we are in Ram’s land then there is no need for shoes), showcased Jackie Shroff’s genuine and down-to-earth demeanor.

    As thousands, including celebrities and sportsmen, flocked to Ayodhya for the historic event, it was Jackie Shroff who stood out with his sweet and respectful gesture. The video shared by Vivek Oberoi not only highlighted the actor’s humility but also the warmth of the moment.

    Jackie Shroff’s simplicity extended beyond Ayodhya, as he was spotted at the airport arriving back in Mumbai, still barefoot. Holding Shri Ram’s idol, Jackie traveled to and fro without any footwear. This act further underscored his deep reverence for the occasion and showcased a profound connection with the spiritual event.

    His actions have not only raised the bar for celebrity conduct but also left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who witnessed this genuine display of respect during the auspicious ceremony.

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