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    Is Bollywood better than Hollywood?

    The Bollywood industry is one of the key drivers of our economy’s expansion. Bollywood is the king of our entertainment sector. The stars and their films are highly popular not just in India, but also in other countries.

    We often hear that Hollywood films are superior to Bollywood films, but as Indians, we believe that there are some factors that indicate the contrary. There are reasons why Bollywood, at least in some respects, is superior to Hollywood.

    Hindi films have far more emotional intensity and connection than any Hollywood film. We’re very convinced Hollywood movies can’t touch our hearts the way hindi films can, whether it’s a love bond or family ties.

    Bollywood dance numbers and music are our constant companions. Whether it’s a party or a Shaadi, our celebrations aren’t complete without Bollywood music. Similarly, in movies, we rely heavily on good songs and dance to keep us entertained. Hrithik Roshan’s dances and Arijit Singh’s songs are the heart and soul of any Bollywood film.

    We have a receptive audience for films with strong content, even if they aren’t particularly intelligent. We even have movies like Judwaa 2 if we have movies like Newton. Different types of movies can be appreciated and watched by our audience. Unlike Hollywood, where films must meet the intellectual demands of their audiences, all films have their own audience. We cannot expect films like Judwaa 2, Dilwale, or Golmaal to be successful in other countries.


    We can comfortably watch Bollywood films without having to hide our faces whenever an embarrassing scenario occurs. Baring skin or kissing is a common occurrence in Hollywood films. Watching such acts in front of our elders is plainly uncomfortable in our culture. However, we may easily enjoy viewing movies with the family when we watch Bollywood films. Of course, there are outliers in Bollywood as well.

    Our Bollywood films are colorful and depict a variety of cultures. In our films, we demonstrate cultural interaction in a way that no other industry can match. From races to religions to languages, our films accurately portray our culture and ideals. For example, Namaste London, Ram Leela, Lagaan, and a slew of more films.

    How many lines from a Hollywood film can you recall? Well, the answer is right there. Hollywood films are more conversational, whereas in Bollywood films, the star’s phrases are the highlight, and they become one’s motivation, as well as one’s favorite dialogue to utilize in any real-life situation.

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