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    In which Netflix movie do the people hide in their homes as a game?

    Danny Pang Phat directed The Strange House, a 2015 Chinese 3D horror thriller film. On July 24, 2015, the film was released. In China, the film grossed CN16.485 million at the box office.
    Le Rong is chased down to the river by her uncles and aunties before being drowned. Because of their likeness, Zijun asks Yezi to play the role of Le Rong at a hair shop where she is trying to save money to pay her late rent.

    The Strange House

    Yezi decided to do it after the hair salon closed. Yezi’s sanity begins to be questioned when she begins to have hallucinations. Yezi is revealed to be Le Rong, who is receiving psychiatric therapy from her uncle Le Zijun. The film closed with a close-up image of a message scrawled in red ink by Le Rong.

    The Strange House is similar to several other our-new-house-is-haunted films, such as Sinister, The Conjuring, and The Amityville Horror, in that it removes a lot of the extremely terrifying elements and makes it more family-friendly. There are hints of Stranger Things (a ragtag collection of pals joining together to investigate a mystery) as well as Haunted Mansion (these kids want to help find out what happened and possibly set some spirits free).

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