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    In which Hollywood movie a girl wants to be an actress?

    Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer directed and wrote Starry Eyes, a 2014 American horror film. The film had its international premiere at South by Southwest on March 8, 2014, and stars Alexandra Essoe as a hopeful young starlet who discovers that stardom comes with a price. A successful Kickstarter campaign helped to generate some of the funds for the film.

    Widmyer and Kölsch sought funds for Starry Eyes through Kickstarter after finishing the script. Pat Healy was attracted to the picture as a result of the marketing, and the campaign’s objectives were met. Filming took place in Los Angeles for 18 days in May 2013.

    Sarah Walker, a waitress at the Big Taters in Hollywood, is an ambitious aspiring actress who suffers from a hair-pulling disorder. Sarah has little regard for her boss Carl or her job since she believes she will be a great actress and that this is only a temporary job to help her pay her bills. Tracy, her roommate, routinely divulges her secrets to their selfish friends Erin, who enjoys humiliating Sarah and stealing her roles; Danny, an ambitious filmmaker who likes Sarah; and Poe and Ashley, who are uninterested in her.

    Starry Eyes

    Sarah is invited to an audition for the film The Silver Screen by Astraeus Pictures, but the auditioners are unresponsive to her performance. Sarah walks to the restroom after the audition and has an attack, ripping her hair and crying.

    The casting director immediately invites her back into the room to repeat what she did in the restroom for her assistant and herself. Sarah is invited to another audition with the producer, but she declines and returns home after he suggests they have sex.

    Her ambition, however, triumphs, and she returns to his place to have oral sex with him. He explains that if she wants to be famous, she must die and reincarnate. Sarah returns home to discover that her body is failing and that she must murder her pals to complete her change.

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