Sunday, September 24, 2023

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    In new photos, Deepika Padukone embraces her inner BARBIE, but Ranveer Singh’s Ken response is too adorable to ignore

    In her most recent photographs, Deepika Padukone channeled her inner Barbie. Ranveer Singh’s husband responded with an emoji. Her Barbie-like looks and fashion were appreciated by fans, who dubbed her “Indian Barbie.”

    The Jawan actress Deepika Padukone recently wowed her admirers by channelling her inner Barbie in a series of gorgeous photographs. The actress, who is renowned for having exquisite taste, just released her newest images that perfectly capture the legendary doll. Deepika’s outfit selection immediately brought to mind Barbie, and her passionate followers praised her for it. Her spouse, fellow actor Ranveer Singh, responded by using a unique emoji to show his admiration.

    In the pictures, Deepika embraced the athleisure trend by wearing a pink blouse and matching shorts. She decorated herself with a black hat, white trainers and socks to complete her appearance. Her loose, wavy hair gave an extra touch of charm, as did her stunning smoky eye makeup. Deepika shared the pictures on her social media accounts with the remark, “In the moment with Z.N.E.” Shaleena Nathani did her hair and makeup.

    Fans couldn’t miss Ranveer Singh’s reaction to Deepika’s images, in which he conveyed his love and appreciation for his wife’s beautiful beauty by using a red-hot emoji face.

    Fans also remarked on how similar to Barbie she seemed and dressed. ‘She’s a Barbie,’ said one devotee. Another admirer responded, describing Deepika’s style as “Barbiecore.” Another admirer also jokingly referred to Deepika as the “Indian Barbie.”

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