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     How to find the phone number of the celebrities?

    You should send Diddy a text message. All three artists, Paul McCartney, Sophia Bush, and Marshmello, agree. In recent months, several celebrities and influencers have begun posting phone numbers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, encouraging fans to contact them.

    In an IGTV video published last year, Diddy stated, ‘I’m sitting here thinking, I’m about to enter this next chapter of my life and I’m going to be doing a lot of amazing things, a lot of disruptive things, a lot of things I don’t want anybody to know about.’ ‘On the ‘Gram, everyone knows everything.’ ‘I’d like to have a closer relationship with my fans.’

    He claimed that he had established a private phone number for his family, friends, and closest admirers and that they should text it to stay in touch.

    “I’ll be able to punch you in the face when I arrive in your city.” I’ll be answering phones, taking resumes, and providing information about the party. He went on to say, “All I’m going to do is give out my phone number.’ Diddy promised to send text messages with special unique stuff’ on ‘making money,” “vibrations,” and “inspiration” before publicizing the number 917-746-1444.

    Celebrity phone number

    Is this their legitimate contact information?
    Unless there was an error, the phone numbers provided by celebrities are not their mobile phone numbers. Most likely, they’ve teamed up with Community, a $35 million digital startup based in Los Angeles that helps businesses, celebrities, and other high-profile clients manage large messages. According to a spokesman, the company is not actively communicating with legislators.

    The community sprang out of Matthew Peltier and Josh Rosenheck’s previous company, Shimmur, which they founded in 2014. According to the website, Shimmur was going to be a Reddit-like mobile app where users could create and upload content about their favorite YouTubers and influencers.

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