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    How do you stream TV shows?

    Perhaps you’re considering cutting the cord, viewing the most recent episode of This Is Us, or saving money. So, what’s the answer? Allow us to walk you through the processes of a topic you may be interested in learning more about: how to stream TV.

    You’ll need the correct internet provider and a streaming device that’s both affordable and equipped with all of the streaming apps you’ll need. We recommend Xfinity internet if you don’t already have internet in your house or if you’re seeking a better service. It has download rates of 15–2,000 Mbps, which is faster than the 3–25 Mbps required by most streaming services.
    For smooth streaming, most streaming services require a minimum download speed. Also, keep in mind that these download speeds are per device. Hulu + Live TV, for example, requires 8 Mbps to watch in HD. If you and your spouse both want to stream on your device, you’ll be using 16 Mbps at the same time.

    Our best internet for the streaming post has further information on recommended Mbps for streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max, as well as streaming a 4K movie.

    TV shows

    You might want to go with a streaming device if you already have a nice 4K TV. Your 4K TV may already have a smart TV built-in, but it may not have all of the streaming apps you require. However, if you want a gadget that does everything, such as an Apple TV, it may be worth the money. Simply connect it to your existing television.

    First and foremost, get your smart TV or streaming device set up. If you went the device way, after you’ve connected your device in, change the input on your TV to the correct one for your device. Then, to access the homepage where all of your programs are stored, follow the instructions on your screen.
    You may have previously been asked to connect to the internet while setting up your gadget or smart TV. If you haven’t already done so, do so right now. Then, to check sure you’ve connected successfully, click on an app. On the homepage of most smart TVs, you’ll find all of the popular apps. Apple TV devices allow you to modify your layout, so you’ll need to go to the Apple Store and get the apps you desire.

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