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    Hollywood movie on a person who can see souls?

    M. Night Shyamalan wrote and directed The Sixth Sense, a supernatural psychological thriller film released in 1999. Bruce Willis plays a child psychologist whose patient (Haley Joel Osment) can communicate with the dead. The film established Shyamalan as a filmmaker and introduced the audience to his characteristics, most notably his fondness for unexpected endings.

    Critics lauded the film’s performances (particularly those of Willis, Osment, and Toni Collette), atmosphere, and plot twist, which were released on August 6, 1999, by Buena Vista Pictures (through its Hollywood Pictures label). The Sixth Sense received six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay for Shyamalan, as well as Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress for Osment and Collette. It was the second-highest-earning film of 1999, grossing around $293 million in the United States and $379 million worldwide.

    The Sixth Sense

    Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis), a child psychotherapist, is visited one night by an ex-patient named Vincent Grey (Donnie Wahlberg), who is not only upset but infuriated. He injures Crowe before killing himself. Crowe is visited by a 9-year-old boy called Cole a few months later (Haley Joel Osment). He sees people who are unaware that they are dead. As a result, he is referred to as a freak at school. Crowe initially believes he is seeing things, but after spending a lot of time with Cole (much to his wife’s dismay), he realizes that Cole may be seeing dead people.

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