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    Harleen Sethi Shares Her Transformation Journey To Nimrat In Kohrra With A Heartwarming Photodump – See Pics

    Actress Harleen Sethi is currently basking in the success of her latest show Kohrra. The psychological thriller that premiered on Netflix India on 15th July received rave reviews. Especially, Harleen’s character Nimrat was much appreciated. In fact, lots of people lauded Harleen for her performance and said that she was the shining grace of the series.

    Well, Nimrat has been a character that is very close to Harleen. And this surely reflected in her performance as well in Kohrra. Now the actress took to social media sharing a photodump that highlights her different phases of being Nimrat. Sharing how got into the skin of the character with the help of an amazing work force, Harleen wrote, “Harleen sort off managed to transform into Nimrat with the help of all these talented men that empowered her. They made her feel beautiful and free to be who she wanted in front of the camera and off it. The no make up rule on set was actually liberating and helped Harleen lose all her vanity to get into Nimrat’s convoluted state of mind. This is Nimrat’s dump with the scars and her smiles.”

    These pictures of Harleen as Nimrat are surely overwhelming to watch, and to add to the impact is her impeccable performance. With Kohrra, Harleen has added another brilliant act to her credit.

    After all the applause from the industry and the fans, it will exciting to know what Harleen has in store for us next, till then, embrace Nimrat.

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