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    Harleen Sethi Gets Inked For Kohrra, Calls It An Ode To Her Punjabi Roots

    Actress Harleen Sethi is sure to push the envelope when it comes to her craft. And it’s her going this extra mile that translates into magic in her performances. Now interestingly her next, Kohrra has formed a very special connection to her personal self. For the Netflix show Harleen got inked and it has an endearing back story. She even revealed how her character Nimrat from Kohrra is very much a part of her.

    Getting Gurmukhi script engraved on her hand, Harleen shared a little video of the moment. And the heartwarming note she wrote with it makes the moment even more special. She wrote, “Nimrat is a part of me. As a Mumbai Ki Mulgi I never quite took to my Punjabi roots, rather always ran away from it as a kid. I had a cosmopolitan attitude as someone born & brought up in this city that was considered cooler, but as they say it’s never too late, Kohrra was a push in this direction. Before we started filming, after one of the workshops I asked Sudip sir if I could get ‘Nirbhau Nirvair’ engraved on my hand in Gurmukhi. I now wanted something I ran away from to become eternal & go with me to my grave.“

    Harleen further added, “Today, I am proud of who I am and where I come from. I intend to start right from my roots to go right up.”

    Kohrra indeed seems to be very special for Harleen. In the past, she has impressed us with her performances in Gone Game Season 2, Broken But Beautiful, and Kathmandu Connection. And with this one once again she will win our hearts.

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