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    Do Chinese actors sing their own host for the drama they act in?

    There are actors who occasionally sing (like Meryl Streep) and singers who act (like Justin Timberlake), but actor-singers and singer-actors in and around China are on a whole new level. It is difficult to find a Chinese TV star who hasn’t at least contributed a few songs to the show’s original soundtrack (OST). A lot of successful actors also have successful singing careers. Leslie Cheung, a cantopop sensation who starred in several highly acclaimed films, received numerous honours for both his acting and singing careers.

    Fan Bingbing, one of the most well-known actresses in China, has also recorded a studio album and performs the theme songs for several of her endeavors. Hu Ge, a growing young acting sensation and certified cutie, has three albums out and frequently contributes his voice to the soundtracks of his plays.

    If one cannot read Chinese, it is difficult to stay current with Chinese pop culture. Without a VPN and while you’re in China, getting around the censorship is considerably more difficult. Cfensi is an excellent English-language blog on C-dramas, as well as occasionally discussing movies and music. You may get entertainment news on aiyatheydidnt and fareastvibes.

    Some TV series air after they have been on the shelf for months or even years due to these and scheduling issues. New rules regarding what may and may not be shown on TV have only just been announced. Not surprisingly, topics like supporting terrorism or homosexuality are prohibited, as well as anything that “blurs the decision between right and wrong.”

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