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    Diljit Dosanjh Responds To Kangana Ranauts’s Comments, Asks, ‘What Is This Drama?

    Actor singer Diljit Dosanjh gave response to Kangana Ranauts’s comments on a TV interview. Kangana Ranauts have been engaged in a coldwar on Twitter for nearly two months.

    Singer Diljit Dosanjh has reacted to Kangana Ranaut’s comments saying that, ‘How she requested him to say that he is ‘not a Khalistani’ The singer calls it all a ‘Drama’.

    The singer took to Twitter and wrote, ‘They call themselves as Patriots. They talk as if the whole country belongs to them. Punjabis are the once who gave their lives for the country wherever there was a need. God forbid if there is still a need, we will do that again. Punjabis prick your side so much?

    In a Tv interview, he said, ‘You ask me this, I give you this answer. What is this drama? They talk about the country, about Punjab. They want to push the debate to another angle. You wanna to project us as whatever you want. Wow,”.

    Recently in an interview with the Arnab Goswami, Kangana had said, ‘“I openly challenged him to say just once that you are not a Khalistani, he didn’t say it. Youth have been misled, they have been presented with a dream about Khalistan.”

    He further writes in his tweets, “These Mastar and Mastrani are the ones setting the country on fire. I know it is not right to react to filth. But they keep getting on my nerves. Everything cannot be treated with silence. Tomorrow they will make anyone, anything. “

    Actress Kangana Ranaut has been criticising Diljit for being supportive to the famers. She has also been criticising celebrities who have been protesting farmers over their agitations against the centre’s three farm laws.

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