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    Despite extensive trolling, Aryan Khan’s Luxury Streetwear Brand sells out in a single day

    Despite internet trolls mocking the brand owing to its exorbitant costs, Aryan Khan’s upscale streetwear line sold out within a day of its debut!

    Aryan Khan, the son of actor Shah Rukh Khan, has established a lucrative streetwear business. Speaking of which, his first label, D’YAVOL X, which included his father, was completely sold out the day it was released. It’s true what you just read! The collection, which includes coats and t-shirts worth lakhs, was released on April 30. It’s noteworthy that the entire collection was sold out in less than a day. A post on Aryan’s Instagram account confirmed the same.

    SRK’s kid sent a message on Instagram with the following message: “He also makes the entire crew feel at ease and has tremendous respect for everyone. When he’s on set I always make sure to pay extra attention, so I don’t miss out on anything I can learn,” Aryan was quoted saying.

    It’s interesting to note that Aryan’s first commercial, in which he first appeared beside his father SRK on film, also marked the beginning of his directing career. Working with his father is never difficult, according to Aryan, who said in an interview with Harper Bazaar that his father’s experience and commitment make the job for everyone on the team relatively simple.

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