Thursday, September 28, 2023

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    Bigg Boss fame Arshi Khan, Pankaj Berry starrer Dushyant Pratap Singh’s film “Trahimam” trailer launched

    The teaser and trailer of director Dushyant Pratap Singh’s Hindi film “Trahimam” starring Arshi Khan, Pankaj Berry, Sumendra Tiwari, Adi Irani, and Ekta Jain were launched at Red Bulb Preview Theater in Mumbai. Radhe Radhe Babuji, Romil Chaudhary, Anjjan Bhattacharya, Leena Bose, Sunil Pal, Abhay Sharma, Asma Sayyed, and Rupali Bharadwaj attended the event. Made under the banner of Achaleshwar Films, the teaser and trailer of the film are spectacular. The film is produced by Sumendra Tiwari, Neetu Tiwari, and Faheem R Qureshi.

    The movie’s trailer depicts the violence in Rajasthan. The narrative is told through the lens of crime and criminals, power, corruption, hostility, and exploitation. Many of the film’s phrases are noteworthy. There is a conversation that says, “Truth is my name, and I do not like falsehoods.” (“सत्य नाम है मेरा, मुझे झूठ नहीं पसन्द)

    Sumendra Tiwari, the movie’s producer, stated, “The way writer Salman ji presented the narrative of Trahimam to me, I thought it really unusual and original.” This movie is based on the true story of a hamlet near Kanpur. I would want to congratulate Dushyant for filming this film during the Corona era.

    Dushyant Pratap Singh stated that Radhe Radhe Babuji’s visit to bless us is a matter of good fortune for all of us. For the first time, Radhe Radhe Babuji attended a movie event. I also want to thank the media for their unwavering support.

    I warmly applaud Dushyant Pratap Singh for creating a movie about such a difficult topic, remarked the chief guest Radhe Radhe Babuji. He used the storyline to hold up a mirror to society. The horrors done against women in modern society are shown in Trahimam. This movie will definitely be a smash hit.

    Dushyant Pratap Singh, according to actor Romil Chaudhary, creates realistic movies with a message. I believe Trahimam will be Dushyant Pratap Singh’s greatest work as a director.

    According to Dushyant Pratap Singh, Trahimam contains 68 characters. Champa, a worker in the movie, is portrayed by effervescent actress Arshi Khan. One of Arshi Khan’s select few top flicks will be this one. Many artists have produced excellent work, including Pankaj Berry, Aadi Irani, Mushtaq Khan, and Ekta Jain.

    According to actress Ekta Jain, this is my second movie with Dushyant Ji. I played the part of a severe lawyer in this movie.

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