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    Armie Hammer’s ex Paige Lorenze claims he left her with bruises, carved an ‘A’ on her body amid cannibalism controversy 

    Actor Army Hammer is in the midst of a major cannibalism and abuse controversy. It all started with an Instagram user, who revealed some alleged sexual chats between the actor and a woman. The alleged chat included conversations about sex fantasies, cannibalism. The screenshots flew and soon the actor began to get backlash.

    Paige Lorenz, a former Army Hammer, claims she left him with a bribe, an 'A' engraved on her body amid cannibalism controversy

    Soon, he got out of wedlock shotgun wedding Amidst the controversy. Army Hammer said in response, “I am not responding to these disgusting claims, but in view of the vicious and sharp online attacks against me, I cannot act with good conscience. The statement for diversity.” Lionsgate supports me in this Giving and I’m grateful to them for that. “

    While several chats have surfaced, the actor’s ex-girlfriend model Paige Lorenz has made some shocking claims. Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said that the Army Hammer would indulge in knife play, and that “he would cut the underwear or bra and use the knife and put it on my body.” He also claimed that he had an ‘A’ engraved on his body.

    “I kind of sat down and let it happen,” he told the Daily Mail. “I really didn’t know what to do or say … As sad as it is, I wanted him to like me and I felt like I wanted what he wanted.”

    “He wanted me to show him off and be proud of him. I said, ‘How can I see other people when I get hurt?’ He said, “That’s it.” I think it was part of the marking and branding, “she further opened up about her injuries and said that she plans to remove her scar.” She would always tell me when he came back from the gym that he was bragging about carving for his friends. “A ‘me,” he said.

    “I found a DM saying that the army had sent me photos of me tied up that I didn’t know about. I didn’t even know if the photos existed or what they looked like. I don’t know if I was blindfolded, ”she revealed shockingly and alleged that her photos were sent to other people.

    “There were red flags throughout the relationship. I think I gave them the edge and they made me feel so confident at times, “Paige continued, adding that” he would talk about it like a traditional BDSM relationship, but it wasn’t. ” It was out and about. . “She says she thinks Hammer” enjoyed hurting women, but for that she used BDSM as a mask. “

    A few days ago, Peggy shared a series of photos on Instagram in which she talked about fantasies after talking about her relationship with Armory Hammer.

    Armie Hammer is currently in the midst of a divorce from Elizabeth Chambers. She filed for divorce in July 2020, seeking primary custody and joint custody of her children.

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