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    Anand Ahuja posts a sweet photo of Sonam Kapoor walking her baby Vayu at a park in London

    Anand Ahuja uploaded a photo of his kid Vayu and his wife, actress Sonam Kapoor, on Instagram on Monday. The mother and son were spotted strolling together.

    One of the most popular couples in town is Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja. On social media, their mushy PDA is frequently seen handing out huge relationship goals. Vayu, the family’s kid, is currently with Sonam and Anand in London. Since the birth of their first son in August 2022, they have relished every moment of fatherhood. On Monday, Anand posted a photo of the mother and son pair to Instagram.

    Sonam was pictured holding her son Vayu as they strolled through a London park. She was seen wearing a baby carrier and hugging Vayu close to her. Sonam donned a black t-shirt with checkered leggings and a matching topcoat for their excursion to the park, while baby Vayu was spotted wearing a black and white striped hat. The image did not show his face. The newest mother-son pair were fashionable as they went for a stroll. Anand uploaded the image and wrote, “#EverydayPhenomenal #VayusParents.”

    In the meanwhile, Sonam recently discussed her postpartum weight and nursing. She also admitted that she isn’t attempting to drop the weight she gained while pregnancy through dieting. During an interview with Grazia India, the actress stated, “I’m not back to what I used to be and I’m not even pushing myself – I’m still breastfeeding, and I hope to continue for at least a year. Your body needs the food, rest, and energy while you’re doing that. I’m not on any crazy diet, I’m exercising – I exercised through my pregnancy – and being healthy. I took care of myself through my pregnancy and I’m going to continue doing that and not check the scales.”

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