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    Which country loves Bollywood most?

    Bollywood films aren’t just for Indians to see every now and then; they’re also shown in a range of places throughout the world. Bollywood movies are well-known around the globe. Surprisingly, the majority of Americans who enjoy viewing Indian movies have no knowledge of Hindi or Indian culture. The top five categories in which Bollywood films are most popular are as follows. The countries that most enjoy Bollywood are-

    Pakistan: After India, Pakistan is the only country where Bollywood films are well-known. Bollywood movies, music, and celebrities are hugely popular in India. Despite the fact that the Pakistani government has banned Hindi films due to cultural differences and their dominance in the local film industry, the majority of the population still enjoys them.

    Afghanistan: Despite the fact that the country is almost ripped apart by conflict, Bollywood movies bring a smile to everyone’s face. Afghanistan is second only to Pakistan in terms of Bollywood movies as a major source of entertainment. It has the distinction of becoming the highest-grossing Hindi film.

    Bollywood films

    China: Bollywood has undoubtedly been a source of amicable ties between India and China. Despite the vast differences between the two countries, Bollywood films have brought the majority of the people together. According to certain Chinese officials, Bollywood films have become one of the Chinese people’s favorite theatres.

    Egypt: Egypt has been a lover of Bollywood films since the 1980s, but as their popularity grew, the local film industry began to lose its prominence and importance in the country.

    Nigeria: Despite the fact that no Indian immigrants have ever visited the country, Nigeria is home to Africa’s Muslim population as well as a big fan of Bollywood flicks. They’ve been fans of the same thing since the 1960s. Nigerians believe that the Indian culture’s attitudes toward class division, poverty, and women’s status are now comparable to their own. Nigerians have been observed favoring Bollywood cinema over Hollywood films.

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