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    Virat Kohli shares first photo of daughter Vamika

    The cricketer Virat Kohli took to instagram today highlighting the role of two most special women in his life. Virat wished a very happy women’s day to his loving wife Anushka and most adorable daughter Vamika. Virat also added |a Happy Women’s day to his loving wife Anushka and most adorable daughter Vamika. Virat Kohli also added “a Happy Women’s Day to all the mazing women of the world”.

    The cricketer shared a most heartfelt and emotional message on International Women’s day.  After Anushka’s recent post revealing the name of the baby, Virat Kohli posted endearing family picture.  Today is the first time that the couple has shared pictures of Vamika.  Although the face of the baby is not visible in the clicks, they definitely are most charming family photos.

    The proud husband and dad Virat Kohli shared his innermost feelings with his fans on International Women’s day.  While he described Anushka the fiercely compassionate and strong woman of his life, he added Vamika is going to grow up like her mother.

    As per Anushka’s earlier post, parenting has taken the life of the couple to the next level. The couple has been experiencing multiple emotions within a short span.  Despite being deprived of sleep, Virat and Anushka are finding the life blissful with recent addition of Vamika in their life.

    Virat Kohli accredited Anushka for being the pillar of strength in his life. he also acknowledged superior role of women in the upbringing of their offspring. The Indian Cricketer was also moved by witnessing the process of his childbirth.  As per Virat Kohli, it is the most amazing and incredible lifetime experience. After experiencing the intricacies of child birth, Virat strongly feels that women are definitely stronger than men hence God entrusted women with life inside them.

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