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    Vijay Varma Emphasizes the Importance of Craftsmanship for Aspiring Actors in the trailer launch of “Murder Mubarak”

    In the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, aspiring actors constantly seek guidance and inspiration to navigate their journey towards success. Among the voices offering valuable insights is Vijay Varma, who is known for his versatile performances in Bollywood. Varma’s rise to prominence from humble beginnings exemplifies the significance of dedication, perseverance, and, above all, honing one’s craft.

    In the trailer launch of Murder Mubarak, Vijay Varma reiterated the importance of continuous self-improvement and dedication to the art of acting. He emphasized that aspiring actors must prioritize working on their craft diligently, regardless of the glamour associated with the profession.

    When he was asked about what steps a newcomer should undergo to be a part of this industry ,Vijay Varma says :  “The need for aspiring actors is to invest time and effort in various aspects of their craft, including mastering different acting techniques, understanding character psychology, and perfecting their emotional range.
    Everybody desires to be a star but for becoming that you need to work hard on your craft year after year which will bring something unique about you. This unique craft will someday make you get noticed by everyone. How hard you try to hide it, it will come out from you and will get recognised by others”

    Varma’s portrayal of Akash Oberoi in Murder Mubarak promises to be a departure from his previous roles. He plays the character of a lawyer who is heartbroken.

    Apart from Murder Mubarak he will also be seen playing a pilot in IC814 – The Khandahar Hijak.

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