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    Taapsee Pannu Reacts To Sonakshi Sinha’s ‘This Whole Star Kid Debate Is Useless’ Comment

    Taapsee Pannu has always voiced her opinion on nepotism in the film industry. This time Taapsee has reacted to Sonakshi Sinha’s comment about star kids. Sonakshi mentioned that privileged ones are also being kicked out of films – just like outsiders.

    Sonakshi Sinha responds to a fan's marriage proposal on Instagram | Hindi  Movie News - Times of India

    Subsequently, Taapsee has corrected Sonakshi, stating that star kids aren’t replaced by those without industry connections.  Although Taapsee agreed with Sonakshi’s point in theory but pointed out the notable differences.

    Taapsee said, “Definitely, I feel any actor – star kid or not a star kid – will be losing out on films to someone else. But definitely, we have lost out on films because someone was there pushing someone’s name who had contacts in the industry. And those are mostly star kids, right?”

    Furthermore, Taapsee added, “I’m not saying they wouldn’t have lost out on films, but they wouldn’t have lost out on films to outsiders, so that is the difference. Recently, Taapsee has launched her production banner called Outsiders Films.

    Taapsee Pannu announces her production house Outsiders Films, thriller  Blurr is first film on her slate | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

    Reportedly, Sonakshi had said, “Of course. Who hasn’t lost out on projects? Like this whole star kid debate is useless.  It is not like star kid hasn’t lost out on a project because of somebody else. But nobody goes around crying about it.

    Additionally, Sonakshi said, “Forget me, my father also, who was not a star kid, has lost out on many projects. It happens to every actor, it’s part and parcel of the job.  You move on with your life, work hard and keep at it,”

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