Monday, June 17, 2024

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    Sonu Sood Reveals ‘Fateh’ is A Heartfelt Cinematic Tribute to Cybercrime Victims

    The multifaceted Sonu Sood steps into the role of director for his upcoming film, Fateh. All set to release this year the movie takes a close look at cyber crimes happening around the country today. Based on real-life incidents, the film aims to entertain while also shedding light on cyber threats in the digital age and how it can be averted with simple security measures. The multi- faceted actor took to his social media account, captioning the post:

    “Fateh has been special and a personal film to me. It is a tribute to the youth who have been a victim of cyber crime on various levels.
    Get Ready🤍”

    For Sood, who has directed, produced and acted in the film, Fateh has been more than a film. He has dedicated significant efforts to the project, venturing into unique shooting locations and collaborating with the esteemed Hollywood stunt coordinator, Lee Whittaker.

    Sood, who also relied heavily on experiences of fans and followers as a part of research, feels the film has turned out to be a heartfelt tribute to cybercrime victims outside of the world of traditional filmmaking. ‘Fateh’ is Co-produced by Zee Studios and his production company, Shakti Sagar Productions, the film stars Sonu Sood and Jacqueline Fernandez.

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