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    Sonu Sood Responded To The Administration’s Tweet Accusing Him Of Taking Undue Credit For Helping A Covid Patient

    Sonu Sood has been helping people ever since the outbreak of covid-19. He continues to reach out to the needy who are suffering during the second wave of the pandemic. The actor continues to amplify information about covid resources through his social media. He and his team arrange oxygen cylinders for covid patients. There are many who have been praising the actor, while some are accusing him for taking undue credit.

    Recently, District Magistrate and collector of Ganjam in Odisha accused Sonu Sood of taking undue credit for arranging a hospital bed in the district. The officials took to their Twitter and wrote that Sonu Sood’s foundation didn’t contact them to arrange a bed and took the credits. They wrote, “We don’t received any communication from @SoodFoundation or @SonuSood. Requested patient is in Home isolation and stable. No bed issues @BrahmapurCorp is monitoring it. @CMO_Odisha.”

     Sonu Sood also responded to the tweet and shared a couple of Whatsapp screenshots to prove that his team indeed helped a covid patient in Ganjam, Odisha.  The Whatsapp screenshot shows that the person had first provided information of a patient and then confirmed that they received help. Sonu wrote, “Sir, We never claimed that we approached you, it’s the needy who approached us & we arranged the bed for him, attatched are the chats for your reference.Ur office is doing a great job & u can double check that we had helped him too.Have DM you his contact details. Jai hind.”

    Earlier, Sonu Sood has responded to a section of social media who are questioning his work of providing a helping hand to the needy all across India. The actor was also targeted for his title, I Am Not Messiah. Last year, Sonu Sood helped migrant workers reaching them home when the first lockdown was imposed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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