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    Marking the launch of Safed’ on a grand scale, the film’s theme music greeted the invitees, creating an apt mood, for the unveiling the film’s music, the posters and its release date.

    Prominent celebrities from the film fraternity – Rekha Bhardwaj, Vishal Bhardwaj, Sonu Nigam, , Ismail Darbar and Dr. Jayantilal Gada and Anand Pandit lit the auspicious lamp, and sought the blessings of Goddeess Saraswati, at the gala occasion, hosted by RJ Archana Pania Sharma. Also, present were Safed’s lead cast Abhay Verma, Meera Chopra and Barkha Bisht.

    Sonu Nigam, whose friendship with Sandeep Singh dates back over two decades, said, “When I met Sandeep for the first time I realised that he is an aware soul. He is always thinking, creating, a resourceful person. All the music curated by him for Safed is a reflection of his soul.”
    The popular singer added, “In this industry only a few make a place for themselves, Sandeep has done that.”

    Noted film and music director Vishal Bhardwaj said that when he heard the story of Safed and saw the first cut, it took him by surprise. “The way he has extracted work from his actors is commendable. I knew he would do well, but so well…! I am absolutely floored. I am now waiting to see what he will make next.”

    Interestingly, Safed marks the debut of Rekha Bhardwaj as a music composer. Rekha Bhardwaj said, “I started working on the song Rootha Yaar in 2006 and completed it in 2016. It took ten years. I made Sandeep listen to it who then said he wanted to use it for Safed. I am happy with the way he has picturised Rootha Yaar.”

    Music director Ismail Darbar said, “Sandeep not only has a rhythmic music sense but also is good at choosing the right lyrics. Jo director-producer mein yeh combination ho, woh kabhi fail nahi ho sakta.”

    Philosophically adding, “Immaterial of the caste or religion we are born in, it is only the safed rang that stays with us during our last rites “

    The sombre mood quickly turned into a light banter when producer Dr. Jayantilal Gada expressed his surprise on the budget on which Sandeep Singh has made the film. “How could he manage? It’s only Sandeep Singh who could do that.”

    Seconding Dr.Gada, Anand Pandit said, “Pathar mein se paani nikalna sirf Sandeep jaanta hai. Balancing creativity with commerce is an art of which Sandeep is a master. Only he could make a film at a low cost.”

    Thus, actually revealing the cost Sandeep Singh said, “Safed was made in 50 lacs,” adding, “whether it was Abhay Verma, Meera Chopra, Barkha Bisht, my writer Rishi Virmani, my crew or even Prime Focus for that matter, I had their complete support and never once were any commercials discussed.”

    Further sharing a real life incident being an inspiration for the story of Safed, the filmmaker said, “I was in Banares when I happened to meet a few widowed women. I was moved by their plight. They said that even if they wished, they could not serve food to anyone. At that moment, I wished I could be with them and make them happy. Once while returning from Sion,I saw transgenders begging on the street. It gave rise to a lot of questions in my mind. Thus, I decided to share their sad state and began writing Safed. I feel love is the most powerful energy of our universe, it always stands victorious.”

    The event then highlighted the soulful musical songs of Safed being performed live on stage.

    It started with Sonu Nigam, who in his soft tuneful voice sang, Rona Aaya, while Rekha Bhardwaj with her rustic notes rendered Rootha Yaar, lifting the events energy level.

    Shail Hada’s baritone voice echoed with Piya Gaye Pardes,
    while Jazim Sharma’s velvety voice vocaled, Gila Karna.

    The young and robust Subhankar Dey touched an emotional chord with Bhula Dena. And music composer Shashi Suman, lended his lilting cords to Rang Rasiya, originally sung by Shilpa Rao in the film.

    The live show concluded with Meghdeep Bose and Jahaan Shah playing the theme music of Safed, that held the audience spellbound.

    Overall, Safed marked an evening of colourful memories.

    Directed and produced by Sandeep Singh, and presented by Anand Pandit, Ajay Harinath Singh and Legend Studios, Safed streams December 29, 2023 on Zee5.

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