Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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    Salman Khan Sues ‘Neighbour’ for Alleged Defamatory Statements

    An improper row has erupted between Salman Khan and his neighbor.  Salman’s neighbor, Ketan Kaddad is a retired NRI from the US.  The dispute between the two is over a plot of land in the picturesque environs of Raigad. The Bollywood actor has taken offense at Kakkad’s recent social media outbursts. 

    Salman Khan's Defamation Case Against His Neighbour Addressed By Mumbai  Court, Rejects Star's 'Grant Of Injunction'

    Therefore, Salman Khan has filed a civil defamation suit against Ketan Kakkad, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social platform content creators. The matter pertains to the mid-90s when the celeb Khans assured Kakkad that the locality was good.  Khans also assured him that they would love to have him as their neighbor. Convinced, Kakkad bought the 2.50-acre plot in 1996 and later built a tiny eco-friendly Lord Ganesh Temple on it. 

    Furthermore, Kakkad also got a 120-square feet thatched hut on the land and occasionally visited the property. The two neighbors got along very well and whenever the Kakkads visited their tiny property, a warm welcome was given by the Khans. In 2014, Kakkad retired and returned to India and was eager to build a small cottage on the property. Kakkad claimed that in December 2019, the Khan family suddenly barred his entry to his property.

    Thereafter, Kakkad resorted to venting his frustration via social media. Khans took legal action, accusing them of “malafide intentions” to damage his goodwill and reputation. The actor contended that Kakkad’s plot was reportedly canceled by the Maharashtra Govt. as “illegal”, for which Kakkad blamed the Khan family.

    Mumbai court rejects Salman Khan's plea for interim order in defamation  suit against neighbour- The New Indian Express

    Additionally, Kakkad also alleged that Salman Khan is undertaking illegal/criminal activities at Arpita Farms. Taking objection to allegations by Kakkad, the megastar sought a permanent order to bar Kakkad and the other defendants to upload any scandalous content. He demanded that the offenders must tender an unconditional apology via their media. Kakkad has said, “there is a misunderstanding” which will be sorted out.  He also expressed his keenness to build a small dream house on his land.

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