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    Saira Banu shares a heartfelt post on the occasion of India’s 75th Republic Day

    Veteran actress Saira Banu, who has been increasingly active on Instagram over the past few months, has extended her wishes for India’s 75th Republic Day. She took to Instagram to share a patriotic post, wherein the actress has expressed her gratitude towards Humanity and Peace.

    Sharing the post on the occasion of India’s 75th Republic Day Saira Banu wrote, “Republic Day has always been the first occasion every year for me to celebrate and feel proud of my Indian nativity and the unique multicultural identity of my country. I had moved to England as a kid and I was fortunate that I spent those years as a high school student in London. I say so because the distance truly made my heart grow fonder of my country, a nation that was a source of inspiration for the rest of the developing countries.

    You see, as humans, we come and go, but what we leave behind prevails forever. Peace and humanity, though two different nouns, share a connection where the essence of humanity thrives within peace. Throughout the entirety of our civilization, there has been a collective endeavor to live peacefully because, fundamentally, this very potential lies within humans themselves.

    Furthermore, Saira Banu remembered the Legendary actor and her late husband Mr. Dilip Kumar Sahab, and wrote, “In the embrace of our nation, where each landscape tells a story, there exists the truth, a rather expressive one…the truth of humanity. Dilip Sahib always believed in the power of humanity, he observed that even in the smallest corners of our land, the prevailing religion is the sacred creed of humanity.

    She added, “In the disguise of our diversity, we may find ourselves on different paths, guided by unique stories, traditions, and values, and yet we discover the threads that bind us together. These threads are woven with the belief of uplifting one another.

    For a moment, let’s talk about the gaze exchanged between strangers, the touch of a helping hand in times of need, and shared laughter that transcends barriers. These are the moments that enlighten the essence of our shared humanity. Dilip Sahib, with understanding, recognized that the core of our being is connected to the well-being of others. He believed that we, as a nation, can achieve the unachievable through compassion and empathy.

    Later, she expressed her gratitude and mentioned, “As we commemorate the 75th Republic Day, I extend my gratitude to all those who have nurtured the spirit of humanity, tirelessly working towards strengthening and enhancing the Republic of India. Your collective efforts contribute to the stability and progression of our great nation. So, I thank you for letting HUMANITY prevail!

    Happy Republic Day!”

    Saira Banu expresses gratitude to all those who contribute to our nation. Her message resonates with the people who work endlessly with unity, compassion, and empathy and values that she believes can help the nation achieve the unachievable. As we celebrate Republic Day, Saira Banu’s words serve as a  reminder to be gentle and embrace the power of humanity.

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