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    Safed actor Meera Chopra bashes Barkha Bisht for her derogatory remarks on the queer community

    Meera Chopra’s upcoming film ‘Safed’ is based on an unconventional love story between a transgender and a widow. The film, directed by Sandeep Singh attracted controversy when Barkha Bisht, who plays a pivotal part of a transgender in the film asserted that she thought she was too pretty to portray a transgender character. Barkha’s statement caught attention of the LGBTQ community and was seriously condemned by many.

    Meera Chopra opened up about her co-star Barkha Bisht comment and tweeted, “I disagree with Barkha’s statement suggesting that someone is ‘too pretty’ to play a transgender role. While I respect differing opinions, it’s crucial to convey such sentiments responsibly, especially when addressing sensitive matters like gender identity. Also, if someone believes they are too attractive for a particular role, perhaps they shouldn’t have accepted it. I firmly stand in support of the LGBTQ community, emphasizing the importance of fair representation and rejecting any form of discrimination based on physical attributes.”

    Meera’s tweet drew a lot of appreciation from the LGBTQ community.

    Meera, known for her audacious persona, never shies away from calling a spade, a spade. The versatile actress is adding another intriguing character to her rich repertoire of work with the portrayal of a widow in her next ‘Safed.’

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