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    Pukar: All you need to know about this Bollywood movie

    Pukar was co-written and directed by Rajkumar Santoshi in 2000, with cinematography by Ashok Mehta, Santosh Sivan, Baba Azmi, and Chota K. Naidu. The cast includes Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Namrata Shirodkar, Danny Denzongpa, Shivaji Satam, and Om Puri.

    Although the film earned great reviews, it underperformed at the box office. Anil Kapoor’s portrayal of Major Jaidev Rajvansh earned Pukar the Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration and the National Film Award for Best Actor. Music and audio were composed by A. R. Rahman.

    Major Jaidev ‘Jai’ Rajvansh and his SF colleagues are recognized for saving a major politician and apprehending his kidnapper, Pakistani terrorist Abhrush. The criminal has been on the run for years, and the two police officers have finally caught him. Jai is greeted with a resounding welcome and lauded as a national hero.


    His manager recommends that he take a week off and go back to his hometown. Here he meets Anjali, a childhood acquaintance who has had feelings for Jai since he was a toddler. Anjali wants to make the most of Jai’s trip and spend as much time with him as possible while he is away.

    During a party, he runs into Miss India, Pooja Malapa. As they spend more time together, they continue to fall in love. While his parents prepare for his wedding to Anjali, Jai expresses his love for Pooja and claims that he has always regarded Anjali to be a close friend.

    Jai’s rejection has left Anjali saddened and outraged, and she seeks retribution. Abhrush takes full advantage of her dislike for Jai (through the ‘kidnapped’ politician who is Abhrush’s hand in glove), as well as the two plans to harm Jai’s reputation and life.

    Anjali can obtain confidential documents that reveal Abhrush’s plans to transfer from one prison to another. As a result of the events that follow, Jai is court-martialed and labeled a traitor to the country. Pooja decides to leave him due to family pressure. Jai decides to pursue Abhrush alone, desperate to prove his innocence and rehabilitate himself.

    Anjali ultimately comes to her senses and realizes that she has made a mistake. To atone for her wrongdoings, she goes out of her way to thwart Abhrush’s plans and aid Jai in proving his innocence. Jai is victorious over Abhrush. Jai eventually confesses his love for Anjali, forgives her, and the two reconcile, vowing to live happily ever after.

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